Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dean Preble Award

Greetings MCTM Members! Many of you are back to work after some time off. Some, like me, are just starting break. Either way, we are in the final weeks of a busy school year and yet here I am asking you to consider one more issue. Please help MCTM recognize our outstanding members by nominating a colleague for the Dean Preble Award. The Preble Memorial is the only award given by our organization and we need your help generating a pool of worthy candidates. The Preble Award announcement is included below, as is the impressive list of past winners. Please take the time to make a nomination this spring. (Note that nominations are held for consideration for three years.)

Thanks….Cliff Bara for the MCTM Preble Award Committee

The Dean Preble Award

The Dean Preble Memorial is awarded annually to a Montana educator who has made significant contributions to the teaching and learning of mathematics and who has consistently assumed a leadership role among math educators. Teacher-leaders at all levels, kindergarten through university, are eligible.

The Award
This award is given in memory of our colleague Dean Preble, who passed away from cancer in the fall of 1998. Dean was recognized for his unfailing support for mathematics education in the state of Montana. His dedication to the mathematics teaching profession, his love of his students, his involvement in state and national mathematics organizations, and his devotion to the improvement of mathematics education for all were unparalleled.

One of Dean's wishes was to establish an annual award to recognize outstanding teachers and leaders of mathematics in Montana. In keeping with his wish, MCTM created the Dean Preble Memorial Award. The award consists of an inscribed plaque, a $300 stipend, and a lifetime membership in MCTM. The award is presented at the MCTM annual meeting in October.

Award Criteria
Any member of MCTM may submit a nomination. Current members of the MCTM Board of Directors may not be nominated for this award.
  • The nominee must be a current MCTM member.
  • The nominee must have taught mathematics in Montana.
  • The nominee must have a record of significant and consistent contributions to the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • The nominee must have a substantial record of participation and leadership in professional activities involving mathematics education.

Nomination Procedure
Nominations should consist of a maximum of two, double-spaced, typewritten pages and should directly address the criteria outlined above. The name, address, telephone number, and present position of both the nominee and the nominator must be included.
Deadline for submissions for the Dean Preble Memorial Award is June 15 annually. Nominations may be sent or e-mailed to:
Cliff Bara
Box 610
Troy - MT - 59935

1999 Deb Johnson (Elementary) Larry Kaber (MS/HS) Maurice Burke (College/University) 2000 Jim Hamling (MS/HS) 2001 Dick Seitz (MS/HS) Glenn Allinger (College/University) 2002 Karen Longhart (MS/HS) Rick Billstein (College/University) 2003 2004 Terry Souhrada (MS/HS) Johnny Lott (College/University) 2005 Nina Miller (Elementary) Jacquie McDonald (MS/HS) 2006 Gary Bauer (MS/HS)

2007 Jean Howard 2008 Jim Hirstein 2009 Terri Dahl 2010 Tony Riehl 2011 Ellen Rose 2012 Sherry Horyna 2013 Bente Winston 2014 Lisa Scott 2015 2016