Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday My Favorite

Thank you to Jason Stewart for another wonderful Friday My Favorite.  In this video, Jason shows how to use a program called Ditto copy and paste multiple parts of a document with a single command.   Here is a link to the YouTube version of the video. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

MCTM MSTA Math Science Leadership Conference

Math-Science Leadership Conference
January 22 – 23, 2016

            The annual Math-Science Leadership Conference was held in Bozeman at the Comfort Inn Friday and Saturday, January 22 – 23.  As usual, we had great conversations between old and new friends from both groups.  This year’s conference was arranged a little more informally which gave time for interaction and reflection on the topics presented.
            Friday morning, Dave Thomas presented us with information on Student-Centered Investigations along with a website so we could use his work with our own students.  Lisa Scott and Lei-Anna Bertelsen followed with information on Growth Mindsets, helping us understand ourselves as well as helping our students believe that they can learn new material, even if they’ve struggled in the past.  Many of the smaller break-outs dealt with subject specific areas.  The science group presented topics on the Next Generation Science Standards, and the math group worked on assessing student work, presented by Jake Warner, Brooke Taylor, and myself, and building a Professional Learning Network through social media by Hilary Risser.
            A highlight Friday evening after dinner was a magic act by local talent (and famous science teacher) Walt Woolbaugh.  What a treat!  More conversation followed among friends through the rest of the evening.
            Saturday’s breakouts involved “unconference” topics which were developed with ideas from Friday evening and a section on Math Circles presented by Matt Roscoe and Fred Peck (look for Math Circles this spring in your area) and we adjourned with the State of the State in both Math and Science by our area MCTM and MSTA presidents.
            I look forward to the Math-Science Leadership each year to reinforce what I’m doing in my own class and to learn new things.  Visiting with teachers from around the state helps me stay in touch with the collective energy of our group. I’d love to see more of you join us next year!

            Yvonne Gebhardt, 2016 Karen Longhart Scholarship Recipient, Sidney, MT

Posters from the Meaningful Tasks "Unconference"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Links to the videos

Hello everyone.  It has come to my attention that some of you that subscribe by email are not able to view the videos from your email messages.  In order to fix that, I have uploaded the videos to YouTube.  From now on, when I send the email, it will include a link to the YouTube channel for MCTM and the video.  Here are the last two Friday My Favorite videos.  Enjoy.

From Tony Riehl

From Jason Stewart

Friday My Favorite

Today's My Favorite comes from Jason Stewart.  Jason presents how ActiveWords makes it easier for him to be more efficient and organized.  Jason has graciously offered to do some more videos that will help you learn more about ActiveWords.