Wednesday, August 24, 2016

President's Message - Why I am a member of MCTM

Eight years ago, I moved to Montana.  When we left, Texas, I also left behind all of the teachers across the state that I had gotten to know.  There were the teachers that I had taught with, the teachers I had supervised during their preservice teacher program, the teachers that I worked with in grant projects, and so on.  I knew not one single mathematics teacher in the entire state of Montana when I moved here.  The first thing I did when I moved here was to join MCTM.  In those first few years here in Montana, I met exceptional teachers through MCTM.  These new friends introduced me to the world of one room school houses and to cross country skiing.  They taught me to pronounce Ronan and Helena like I was a native Montanan. I find that even after all this time as a member, I am still meeting new friends and learning new things because I am an MCTM member.  Two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to spend time with MCTM members at the inaugural M Cubed conference.  It was absolutely the most fun way to spend my last week of vacation. I learned about Desmos activity builder, found a new twist on one of my favorite M&M activities, learned how to use TweetDeck during an edchat, and learned a new grouping strategy.  I got great ideas that I am implementing in my own classroom this fall. 

I can list a thousand different ways that MCTM members are improving mathematics education across the state.  As an organization, we work to support those efforts.  MCTM organizes a math contest for 7th-12th grade students every year.  We provide scholarships for our members to attend professional development opportunities and conferences.  We provide college scholarships for Montana students.  Our members can receive small classroom grants in order to purchase classroom supplies.  MCTM also provides opportunities for members to network and socialize.  At MEA/MFT in October we will have Trivia Night following the Teacher of the Year banquet and a hospitality room during the conference.  These are wonderful opportunities for even veteran MCTM members to meet someone new.

I feel blessed to count myself a friend to many exceptional mathematics teachers across the state. Eight years ago, joining MCTM changed my professional journey.  Now, I can't imagine my life without it.

Wishing you a happy start to this school year
    Hilary Risser, MCTM President

Friday, August 19, 2016

Professional Development Opportunity from OPI

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