Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Summer online course offerings

If you are looking for online courses this summer, here is a partial list of courses being offered around the state.

University of Montana Western is offering EDU 386 - Mathematics for K-8 Schools with Pedagogy II online.  Please contact Shay Kidd with questions.

MSU Billings is offering several courses online.  Please contact Mark Jacobson or Cori Day with questions.
  • M 242 - Methods of Proof
  • M 329 - Modern Geometry
  • M 105 - Contemporary Mathematics
  • M 121 - College Algebra
  • M 122 - College Trigonometry
  • M 143 - Finite Mathematics
  • STAT 216 - Introduction to statistics

Montana Tech is offering four online graduate courses for teachers interested in teaching at the college level or teaching dual credit courses in the high school.  Please contact Hilary Risser with questions.