Friday, January 11, 2019

Classroom grant recipient - Polson High School Using New Geometry Curriculum

Have you ever felt like your Geometry textbook publisher just took their old book, tried to find a couple of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) standards that were sort of taught in each section, slapped those numbers on the front of the lesson and claimed that their currculum is “Common Core Aligned?”

A year or so ago we went searching for something better.  A web search landed us at, a curriculum developed and written by a high school geometry teacher in Las Vegas, Milken Award winner Mike Patterson.

Mike built the curriculum from scratch, and it was built specifically to address the CCSSM head-on.  Each standard is covered with student notes, worksheets, and test bank questions. Additional activities, GeoGebra technology activities, overviews, pacing guides and YouTube videos are also available.  There is a version of every worksheet that includes QR codes that students can use to link to YouTube videos for help on some problems. All materials are available both as pdf’s and as Word documents, so you can open and edit them as you like.

You can use as much or as little of the materials as you like.  You could even keep your book and supplement with these materials.

It is Google Classroom compatible and some of the technology activities are designed to be assigned and turned in via Google Classroom.

We began by piloting Unit 1 (Congruence).  We liked the materials and felt that they were doing what they were supposed to do in terms of tackling the CCSSM directly.  So we went ahead and purchased two complete teacher licenses for our school for the very reasonable price of $100 each. A site license is available for $550 if that is more economical for your school.

Bonus upside:  Practice problems and solutions for this curriculum are NOT available on  We were having significant issues with students using this website for homework, and felt that we needed a solution that was not available to students online, and that did not involve having to write an original set of practice problems for each topic.

We would like to thank MCTM for funding the purchase of these curriculum materials with a small classroom grant!

James McKee
Stephanie Anderson
Polson High School

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